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5 out of 5 stars based on 9 reviews.

Patient Review from kristin m

Comfort dental saved my vacation! came down from NY and the plane ride, i was crying in excrutiating pain due to a root canal needed! I googled dentist in myrtle beach area and they performed root canal. pain free! Not one ounce of pain after root canal was done! thank you so much! i was able to enjoy my entire vacation!

- kristin m

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Patient Review from vivian d

The first time I met Dr.Bill and Stacey they were very friendly, helpful and caring. I have had a couple of emergency visits which Stacey has always fit me in with very little wait time. I recommend them to anyone that I know that needs a dentist that does excellent work and is honest about what kind of procedures you need .They will not tell you that you need a procedure done just to get your money. I highly recommend Dr. Bill and Stacey.They are the best.

- vivian d

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Patient Review from DeAndra L

Great service and a very friendly staff

- DeAndra L

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Patient Review from Shawna M

I was very impressed with this dental establishment. Very professional and kind individuals. I called that morning at about 9:30am, filled out forms online, arrived at 12:30 and was home before 2pm- unbelievable! Thank you for taking such good care of me and so quickly!

- Shawna M

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Patient Review from Cindy S

Although I have not yet had a visit to Comfort Dental, my comment regards the ease of preparing the "New patient Information" form on-line. How nice it was not to have to sit in the waiting room and try to remember medications, dosages, dates, etc.. I am also very impressed with all the information that I have been able to read about Comfort Dental before my first visit. I will definitely be calling for an appointment very soon.

- Cindy S

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Patient Review from B J

Just got my new crown made in house at Comfort Dental. Amazing new process made for a perfect fit . Highly recommend. B.J.

- B J

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Patient Review from eddie g

Great place to have all your dental needs taken care of! I highly recommend comfort dental! Bill and Stacy are great to work with!

- eddie g

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Patient Review from Andrew J

From the very beginning Stacey and Dr. Funderburk were extremely friendly and professional. I highly recommend Comfort Dental in Myrtle Beach. Whether you need a simple cleaning or major dental work done you can count on them to get it done properly. Last but not least they are very time efficient. I arrived at 10:50 am had 2 root canals done and left by noon. Simply put they are terrific! -Andrew

- Andrew J

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Patient Review from Barton A.

Dr Funderburk has been my dentist for many years. You couldn't find a better dentist period. I know because I am one.

- Barton A.

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