Meet the Comfort Dental Team

We’re eager to introduce you to our expanding Comfort Dental team and hope you’ll check back with us soon. We’re in the process of adding some fresh faces and exciting new information, all in an effort to better meet your dental needs and the dental needs of your entire family. For now, we encourage you to take just a minute to get better acquainted with Dr. Funderburk and Stacey Bowles, the two founding members of Comfort Dental, both of whom have been here since the very beginning. They are the foundation from which Comfort Dental has been built and the foundation on which we continue to grow.

We’re proud of our ongoing growth and while we’ve worked tirelessly to expand our dental practice to meet the growing needs of residents of Myrtle Beach and visitors to the Grand Strand, we couldn’t have done it without you – without our loyal patients and friends who have been there every step of the way. In fact, our patients are to be credited for the launch of the Comfort Dental website. You see, in recent years, many of you have asked us to join the World Wide Web to bring you not only online dental services that would make your life easier, but to also provide you with information you could use to enhance your own oral health.

Well, you spoke. We listened. The result:

We’re not finished just yet. We’ll continue to expand the website and our Comfort Dental team, making this a very exciting time for us all. In short, stay tuned. You’ve come to expect the best from us and let’s just say, there’s more to come!

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