Gum Pain

It might not be a toothache!

Usually, periodontal disease in its earlier stages is not painful. Maybe your gums are sore when you floss, or there is some bleeding from gingivitis.  However, there are several instances when your gums are the cause of your pain.

Types of Periodontal Emergencies

Acute Infection

Chronic, slow progressing diseases such as typical periodontitis are usually not sharply painful. Due to a number of factors, such as diabetes, the disease can be greatly accelerated and cause rapid damage and resulting pain. Gingivitis can also become Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, or ANUG. This is most common on the lower front teeth where tartar forms more rapidly than other areas. These types of infections need to be treated rapidly to limit the damage caused to your gum tissues.

Physical Injury

Brushing the wrong way can irritate gums enough to become sore, but most physical injuries are from other causes. Foods that are too hot can burn your gums, or the roof of your mouth. Likewise, crunchy hard foods may cut, or even wedge, between your teeth and gums.

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Sores may appear on your cheeks, lips, or tongue from various causes. Common types are apthous ulcers and “fever blisters”. Apthous ulcers are sometimes called canker sores. These small, pitted ulcers usually form inside your mouth, and can be quite painful, but usually go away on their own in about 10 days. Fever blisters, caused by the Herpes simplex virus, usually form on the lips, or near the mouth, and are highly contagious.


A very common source of gum pain is caused by impacted teeth, usually third molars. There may be areas that are impossible for you to clean. As a result, food, debris, and bacteria combine in these areas to create very sore gums.

Foreign Objects

Strange things can find themselves wedged into places they don’t belong. A filling may break and wedge between your teeth. Food, splinters, popcorn hulls and fish bones are just some of the examples of foreign objects likely to wedge between your teeth.

What To Do If You Have Gum Pain

If your soft tissues are sore for more than a day or so, call us at Comfort Dental in Myrtle Beach SC Phone Number 843-448-5757. We’ll schedule an appointment for you and let Dr. Funderburk examine this uncomfortable problem for you.

Oftentimes, simple treatments bring immediate relief. However, if your dental concerns are related to a more serious periodontal condition, early diagnosis and treatment are key. Keep in mind, the earlier treatment begins, the less damage will occur.