Denture Options

Millions of people just like you are missing teeth and need the most economical solution to replace them. As a result, dentures are a common prosthetic device used to replace any number of teeth – from a single tooth, to all the teeth in your mouth.

Dentures are commonly made of acrylic, or a combination of a metal substructure with acrylic on top. However, there are some newer high-tech, non-metal materials (similar to carbon-fiber) that are incredibly strong and lightweight, bringing good function and good looks that were impossible just a few years ago!

Almost all dentures are moveable and removable. In fact, this convenience brings with it one of the more common problems with dentures. You see, over time, even high-quality dentures began to move and shift around, due to the constantly changing jaw shape or shifting of teeth that support them. For this reason alone, many patients prefer fixed bridgework, or some type of overdentures.

At times, dentures are used as a provisional treatment, such as during the healing time when dental implants have been placed. Many teens wear a simple denture for a short time to replace a tooth for cosmetic purposes, to conceal an unsightly space, or for maintenance during their growth and development.

Whether replaced with a denture, or with a more advanced dental treatment, any functional tooth that is lost needs to be treated properly. Dentures have been used successfully for centuries, and are certainly better than a missing tooth, or missing teeth. In fact, properly fitted, high-quality dentures can be a very valuable asset to your overall dental health.

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