Removable Partial Dentures

What are Removable Partial Dentures?

A removable partial denture is an artificial tooth appliance used to replace one or several missing teeth. It is usually attached to remaining teeth with metal clasps. Today, newer, stronger plastics have made it possible to have metal-free, more attractive, partial dentures.

These dentures are removable to allow for easy cleaning. The base of removable partial dentures is usually made of acrylic or metal. The gums are made from acrylic and the artificial teeth are made from acrylic or porcelain.

Your dentures will be meticulously designed by Dr. Funderburk to best fit your specific needs. Because partial dentures require use of your soft tissue and remaining teeth, a thorough examination is performed to determine if dental work is needed prior to crafting and placing the removable partial denture fitting.

Benefits of Removable Partial Dentures:

  • Protects the health of oral tissues and prevents other teeth from drifting into gaps left by missing teeth. Remember, when teeth drift, they open spaces where food particles can become trapped, creating bacteria growth and gum disease.
  • Restores the comfort of normal chewing, eating, and speech that has been compromised, or lost, because of a missing tooth, or missing teeth.
  • Improves your smile’s appearance, your overall dental health, giving you an undeniable boost in confidence.

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