Meet Stacey Bowles

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Stacey Bowles is the glue that holds Comfort Dental together. Well-versed in nearly every role, Bowles oversees the day-to-day responsibilities and the behind-the-scenes goings-on that make this growing practice the go-to dental resource for countless residents and visitors of the Grand Strand Region.

Patients of Comfort Dental are used to being greeted by Bowles, both in-person and on the phone, and regularly rely on her for the latest on dental insurance, dental procedures and general dental information. In short, Bowles is much more than the pretty face at Comfort Dental. She’s hands-on and in-the-know and, as such, she’s the best patient advocate we’ve ever known.

As a founding member of the Comfort Dental team, Bowles has spent over twenty years working alongside Dr. Funderburk, while simultaneously (and seemingly effortlessly) juggling front office duties, patient and office scheduling, employee hiring and training, insurance and billing and more. Yes, she’s simply invaluable.

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Bowles, who grew up in a military family, has lived in Germany, Italy and Japan so what exactly landed this world-traveler on the sunny shores of Myrtle Beach? Bowles’ grandparents lived in North Myrtle Beach, where she spent summers working snow cone carts and beach services as a teen. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from East Carolina University in 1982, she returned to the Myrtle Beach area full-time, waitressing and bartending as she launched a successful career in real estate, quickly obtaining a South Carolina Real Estate Broker’s License.

In 1988, Bowles and then neighbor Dr. Funderburk became friends and before long, he convinced Bowles to put her obvious people skills and proven financial skills to work for his practice, where she instantly excelled, taking on the practices finances and insurance companies with unparalleled ease. This new career path evolved into practice management, where she flourished administratively and clinically and proved to be an invaluable asset.

In 1993, Bowles founded Dental Management Services, Inc., a dental management and dental consulting firm, of which she remains President.

When not at Comfort Dental, Bowles can be found working with (and often adopting) rescue dogs, and is well-known for lovingly rehabbing dogs with disabilities and very limited possibilities. Bowles enjoys working in her yard, CrossFit, yoga, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

She also holds a Brown Belt in Judo.

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