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If You Have A Dental Emergency

See our dental emergency information section, and call us at Comfort Dental in Myrtle Beach SC Phone Number 843-448-5757 today!

OK, So It’s Not An Emergency…

We look forward to working with you to achieve all of your dental goals. Here you will find information to help you, and all our new non-emergency patients, join our practice with ease and begin receiving the excellent dental care we’re known for, on an ongoing basis.

We’re Here To Give You First Class Dental Care

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Following, you will learn:

How Much Does It Cost To….

Great question, but it’s akin to asking a construction company “How much will it cost to fix my house?” First, you have to know what’s wrong, and second, why it went wrong in the first place! Wear and tear? Accident? Termites? Once this is determined, you’ll likely be given different options for repairing your household problem. Throw in your unique expectations and your individual budget and there are many possible answers to this seemingly simple question.

This explains why we recommend that, unless an emergency, you join our Comfort Dental practice with one of these two simple, straightforward steps:

Two Types of New Patient Appointments

  • If you have a single problem:  Why not start with a limited, problem-focused examination, an x-ray of that area, and a discussion with Dr. Funderburk about the best treatment options for your particular concern? Even if it’s not an emergency, sometimes you only want one problem solved! Usually, treatment can be done or started the same day as this initial appointment.
  • If you prefer comprehensive care:  Visit with us for a complete examination by Dr. Funderburk, including a full x-ray of your mouth, and an initial visit with one of our hygienists. At that point, we can guide you towards the dental health goals that you choose, based on your individual needs and concerns.

Are You Accepting New Patients?

“Yes”! Absolutely!

Our Care Is Based On You, Not Your Insurance

We are a private, fee-for-service practice, and do not have limited-care agreements with any insurance companies. In fact, most of our patients do not have dental insurance. That’s why we’ve arranged for several payment options – to ensure you get the expert dental care you need (and deserve) within a budget you can afford.

We work with, and provide forms for, all insurance companies, and accept assignment of benefits for most as a courtesy to our ongoing patients. However, in the best interest of our patients, we do not allow insurance companies to determine the care we provide you.

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