Dental Crowns (Caps) & Bridges


If your tooth is too damaged to be restored by a filling or onlay, a dentDentalal crown should be considered. Crowns, popularly known as “caps”, completely surround the remaining tooth structure, providing  maximum protection for your tooth, as well as correcting the shape, any misalignment, or discoloration of the natural tooth. Crowns can be made of various materials, depending primarily on their intended use. For strength, gold is still the “golden” standard. For cosmetics, ceramic or porcelain is the material of choice. For interim treatment, high-strength composite resin crowns may be used.


If you’re missing a tooth, many times the teeth on either side of that space also need restorations. In this case, three or more crowns are joined together to form a dental bridge. Bridges are a proven treatment method for replacing the missing tooth, while simultaneously restoring the teeth on either side of the gap.

Bridges can include more then three teeth. Sometimes they include the entire arch of teeth – either upper or lower, or both. This extensive bridge work is commonly referred to as a full mouth reconstruction. Believe it or not, many of the best looking smiles you see consist entirely of crowns, bridges, or veneers – on every single tooth.

Dental Implant Crowns

You’re missing a tooth, but thankfully the gap it leaves behind is flanked by perfectly healthy teeth on either side. You’re in luck. This makes you a perfect candidate for an implant supported crown.

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