Smile Makeovers

Many people have a healthy mouth, yet they don’t find it aesthetically pleasing. From size, shape and arrangement of teeth that don’t fit your smile line, to old restorations, or discoloration that makes you look older many smiles can be easily enhanced.

The results of smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction are an enhanced, beautiful smile. The difference is that full mouth reconstruction is a necessary series of more involved procedures to restore missing teeth and lost function as well as improve the beauty of your smile, while a smile makeover typically uses less invasive techniques to cosmetically give you the beautiful smile you desire.

Procedures Involved in a Smile Makeover

Every patient’s smile makeover is different and therefore requires unique, highly personalized procedures. Usually, smile makeovers require several office visits and perhaps a small amount of healing time. Here at Comfort Dental, we will work with you to determine which procedure, or combination of procedures, is right for you and will ensure the smile results you’re looking for.

If your teeth are naturally beautiful, but not as white as they could be, modern tooth whitening procedures are very effective and may be all you need!

For minor alterations, cosmetic bonding can close gaps, reshape edges, or even cover the entire surface of front teeth to change their size, shape and color. This technique is faster and less expensive than porcelain veneers, but does not last as long, and requires more regular maintenance.

The star of the smile makeover show is porcelain veneers. This minimally invasive technique can give you a beautiful smile in any design and shade you choose. If you want the best looking smile you can have, porcelain veneers are probably your best choice.

Some smile makeover options include:

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